March 28, 2021

Can Punter Earn Consistent Incomes Betting Only In Value Bet?

Can Punter Earn Consistent Incomes Betting Only In Value Bet?

Value bets are an effective way to make money on sports betting. The strategy involves betting on the results of sporting events, which are more likely to win, as opposed to what bookmakers assume.

The value bet system is not a miracle method, but rather a percentage-based system of odds that sportsbooks have misjudged. That is when they have underestimated the odds of victory for a team or player in a specific sport.

But why does this happen? Simply because bookmakers cannot collect data from all sports and all teams. It usually occurs when teams you bet belongs to a not-top league. Also, bookmakers may underestimate odds for clubs from countries different from the one the bookie belongs to.

To find value bets, it is necessary to review the odds of several bookmakers. Then, we’ll compare them, and thus it will be easier to detect them. If we look at the odds for the same match, we will always find a bookmaker that gives little chance to a result that is very likely to happen. That will be our value bet.

So, value bets are paid above what they should be based on your actual probability and represent an investment opportunity.

The idea is simple and comes from the expected value mathematical concept. Every time we make a bet or open a trade, we are always looking for value.

The odds we bet on, at all bookmakers, are approximately the inverse of the probability (- minus the bookie’s commission, of course).

Thus, the key to punters earning consistent incomes in sports betting is to know the real probability of an event and look for value. Besides, bettors should always bet on the bookie that offers higher odds, to what would be odds with value bets.

To set the odd for an event, the bookmaker calculates the probability that the sports forecast will be fulfilled. If a sportsbook underestimates that probability, you can bet on a favorable odd. A value bet is, therefore, a bet whose probability of success is underestimated by the bookmaker.

To discover a value bet, you must calculate the probability yourself. If your calculations are correct, the probability of success will be greater than what the odds indicate. So, you can get long-term benefits.

The tricky thing about value bets is calculating more accurate odds than bookmakers. Bookmakers have specialized tools at their fingertips, and prior combat seems very uneven.

The value bet is the method used by experienced bettors, since betting is, after all, a mere statistical matter. In this way, they add their knowledge of probabilities to the maximum profitability offered by bookmakers. Besides, they know that the risk in each bet is especially justified.

As with all methods, there is no absolute security in victory, but it is easier to bet when we know that mathematics is on our side.

But, if you know anything about mathematics, don’t worry, you don’t need to apply formulas. You just have to be updated with current sports and to understand how to detect a value bet. By following this path, you can earn consistent incomes.

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